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Cool Nixie Converter set

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Here it is, the cool nixie converter!!

If you use additional modules like GPS, DCF or you use extra LED lighting with our clock kits,  the 7805 on the clock board gets quite warm. That is not good. This is why we offer this "cool nixie converter".

You get the DC/DC Converter that replaces the 7805 and a 1uF/35 Volt tantal capacitor that replaces C10 on all the nixie clock boards we offer.

Having changed that your kit now stays much cooler, uses less power and is more effective.
We highly recommend this converter. From now on the clock stays cool.

It is easy to replace the 7805 and C10 in an existing board. Desolder the parts and replace them with the cool nixie converter. It is compatible to the universal clock kit!

What you get:

  • DC/DC Converter
  • Tantal capacitor 1uf/16-35V

Here is the soldering instruction

Fixed Output 1.5 Amp SIP DC/DC Converter

Ultra wide 7 to 36 VDC input range

Fixed Output of 5 VDC up to 1.5 Amps

small footprint package

“No heat sink” direct replacement for 3-terminal 78xx-series linear regulators

High efficiency with no external components

■     Shortcircuit protection





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