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Nixie Thermometer Set - no tubes

Product No.:
3-5 working days 3-5 working days (abroad may vary)
LED color:
Ocean Green - cyan
warm White
Sensorcable 1 meter:
yes ( + 12,00 EUR )
Sensorcable 10 meters:
yes ( + 20,00 EUR )
Sensorcable 5 meter:
yes ( + 15,00 EUR )
135,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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Weight per unit: 0,8 kg

Temp'n'Glow Nixie Tube Thermometer
(LED floor lighting available in different colours!)

You need to order the following items in 2 different shops to build up a complete Temp'n'Glow Nixie Thermometer with case and power supply:

- this Thermometer set incl. all electronic parts, the acryllic case, LEDs, cotton gloves, power supply 110-240 Volts DC 1A, 1 temperature sensor 20 cm long - no tubes!

- The glow set ( 2x 16 nixie tubes, LEDs, neon bulb, holder for bulb)
(at our partner shop)

Please choose the floor lighting colour!

Options and Accessories:
- Additional Sensors (different cable lengths)
Spare tubes with hole in tube spacer (for the LEDs) are available 
(at our partner shop)

This Thermometer is only available as a kit!
The new secret among Nixie enthusiasts, is a Nixie tube thermometer with the slim, beautiful IN-16 tubes.
Fast, secure installation without any adjustment are the features of this kit as well as its modern look.
This new gadget is a two digit thermometer based on IN-16 Russian Nixie tubes. The tubes are lit from underneath with a LED (standard LED colour is blue, but many other colours available!) and there is a neon lamp that acts as a negative sign indicator. The temperature sensor is a Dallas DS18S20 with cables in different lengths. This device supports up to two sensors so you can have the device can report both indoor and outside temperature.
The software has a few neat features too. It has a smart menu system that makes operation easy. The user can adjust the update frequency and error detection settings. Additionally, the device has a built in cathode poisoning prevention mechanism; the device cycles through digits in a simulated slot machine effect to prolong the life of the IN-16s.The elegant "Black Brilliance Case" with its noble high gloss surface reflects the glow of the tubes and bans the viewer in fascination definitely.
Take the chance and buy one of the limited kits!

- only available as a kit
- Digit height: 13 mm (0.512")
- no SMD parts
- simple assembling
- sophisticated software with user menu
- crossfade mode (digits fade from one number to the next)
- Cross fading selectable in 5 different levels or to be switched off
- Cathode poisoning prevention
- Up to 2 temperature sensors connectible
- Pre-assembled temperature sensor cable available from web shop
- Long cables available for external sensor up to 10 m
- "minus sign tube"
- "minus sign tube" can also be replaced by left decimal dot
- high efficiency by using modern switching power supply technology
- switchable LED floor lighting
- different LED colours available for floor lighting (standard is blue)
- Error detection for faulty temperature sensor or faulty signal
- small, compact circuit board
- Simple 2-button operation
- alternating cycle between inside and outside temperature selectable
- All settings are stored in case of power failure
- no adjustment necessary
- high grade epoxy PCB
- Measuring range: -55 °C to +99 °C (Range: - 67° F to +99 °F)
- Tolerance: ± 0.5 °C in the range of -10 °C to +85 °C
- Display in °C or °F
- Low current consumption is 150 mA
- Input voltage from 10 - 14 Volt DC
- Standard power adapter for worldwide use
- matched, tested tubes (NOS = new old stock = old, unused stock tubes)
- tube data see here
- Black Brilliance Case
- Dimensions: Width: 102 mm, depth: 80 mm, total height: 70 mm
- case height: 25 mm

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3 out of 5 stars!

Won\'t download manual and instructions ? Help or does the set come with manual and instructions . Thank you , Ron Adams .
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1 out of 5 stars!

i have built this, and it was working find and then it stopped. no help and no one to turn to. would not purchase again
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