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Little blue something set - no tubes

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Ocean Green - cyan
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Little Blue Something Nixie Clock in Black Brilliance Case

Little Blue Something Nixie Clock Set - including the electronic parts, LEDs, power supply, housing - no tubes!

- cho
ose your LED colour

Options and Accessories:


- DCF77 Receiver (optional, if you want time sync. by DCF77)

Documentations and Manuals:
- Schematic clock PCB
- Schematic tube PCB
- Assembling instructions and user manual

- Assembling instructions for the tube PCB
- Assembling instructions for case installation

Watch the videos about that clock:
Video 1:

Video 2:

Here you can watch a review video which shows the Little Blue Something Nixie Clock
Review from Brian Stuckey (TubeClockdb.com):

This clock is only available as a kit!
The Little Blue Something Nixie Clock is a visual delicacy and the prettiest Nixie clock we know for 13 mm size Nixie tubes.
The one who knows the high-definition glow and the fascinating "Purple Haze" of the B-5853 tubes, appreciates the value of these tubes and with it the value of this Nixie Clock kit.
For Nixie newcomers: The so-called "Purple Haze" is the purple-blue glow inside the tube caused by mercury vapour. The additional dual floor lighting with 2 LEDs per tube enhances this beauty, so that you can obtain a real unique delicacy for your collection (Standard LED colour is blue, but many other colours available!). But also as a gift this kit is a perfect match due to the reasonably price of the tubes. The elegant "Black Brilliance Case" with its noble high gloss surface reflects the glow of the tubes and bans the viewer in fascination definitely.
Take the chance and buy one of the limited kits!

- only available as a kit
- Floor lighting with 2 LEDs per tube, this ensures a very balanced floor lighting
- different colours available for the LED floor lighting
- extremely high-definition glow of the digits
- extremely high life expectancy of the tubes
- Digit height: 13 mm (0.51")
- matched, tested tubes (NOS = new old stock = old, unused stock tubes)
- Black Brilliance Case
- Dimensions: Width: 155 mm, depth: 65 mm, total height: 61 mm, case height: 32 mm
- crossfade mode (digits fade from one number to the next)
- NEW: now with slot machine effect
- cathode poisoning prevention

- dimmable tubes
- spare tubes available (see above)
- tubes can be switches off manually (Clock runs further meanwhile)
- 12/24 hours mode in DCF77 or GPS mode
- date display (can be switched off)
- date display in arrangement: DD MM YY or MM DD YY
- Night power down mode (tubes can be switched off at preset times by hardware)
- supports DCF77 receiver
- simple assembling
- no SMD parts
- PCB in "black surface" technology looks neutral in enclosures
- high grade epoxy PCB


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