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IN-18 Blue Dream parts set - no tubes

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12 VDC PSU worldwide usage :
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DCF Receiver + power supply:
yes ( + 56,00 EUR )
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2 m ( + 4,00 EUR )
4 m ( + 8,00 EUR )
6 m ( + 12,00 EUR )
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IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie electronic parts set

You need to order the following items in 2 shops to build a complete IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie Clock:
this electronic parts set consists of the 
pcb with all smd parts already mounted, blue SMD LEDs, tube sockets alread soldered in, electronic components and the documentation

- the case part set from our partnershop www.nocrotec.com
- the
nixie transformer from our partnershop www.nocrotec.com
- the
colon tube set from our partnershop www.nocrotec.com
6 IN-18 Nixie tubes (not on stock at the moment, so you must use your own tubes)

Options and Accessories:
DCF77 Receiver (optional, if you want time sync. by DCF77)
GPS Receiver (optional, if you want time sync. by GPS)

Spare Colon tubes are available here

Documentations and Manuals:
Assembly instructions for the IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie Clock
User manual (English and German)

User manual (Chinese) 用户手册 中文
- User manual (Japanese) will follow soon
IN-18 Tube data
GPS Receiver - datasheet
DCF Receiver - Assembly instructions


The day has come! The Nixie Clock everybody has been waiting for is finally available!The IN-18 Blue Dream is THE Nixie Clock that leaves nothing to be desired, no matter if it concerns the technique or the optic.

Our innovative flagship model, developed for the highest demands, with its sophisticated hardware, software and excellent case design is waiting for you!
The IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie Clock is the most beautiful and best Nixie Clock for IN-18 Nixie tubes that we ever have designed.

Whether DCF, GPS, soft crossfading, royal blue floor lighting, dimmable tubes and floor lighting, cathode poisoning prevention, RTC drift compensation, night power down mode or alarm clock - this clock leaves nothing to be desired! After reading the feature list (below) you will be amazed!

The new, high efficient power supply in push-pull technology works absolutely noiseless and allows direct drive of the tubes with rated current (6 mA). No other IN-18 clock has had this outstanding technology before.

Compare for yourself: IN-18 Nixie tubes must be direct driven with rated current to enfold their full brightness and beauty. The well known "blue spot" problem cannot occur with our technology. When buying a Nixie Clock please be sure to take those facts into account.

The timeless enclosure of this clock is completely made of stainless steel with an excellent surface finish. This finish has been especially developed for our clocks and produces a bright reflection of the Nixie tube digits, that will cast a spell over you.
This clock is different, this clock is new, this clock is... what should we tell more - see yourself and be amazed!

Don’t hesitate to take this unique opportunity. You know, the number of clocks is limited as always.
When they are sold, they are sold!

Feature list and details of the IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie clock:
● available as a kit
● Very easy and fast to build
  ● Digit height: 40 mm (1.58")
● spare Nixie tubes and colon tubes available
Date code matched, tube height matched, tested tubes (NOS = new old stock = old, unused stock tubes) available
● 2 colon tubes, matched to the neon Nixie glow colour
● Separators (colon tubes) can be programmed to: always off, always on, flashing and fading
● Separators show both dots for time, only the lower dots for date
● supports GPS receiver (optional available)
● supports DCF77 receiver (optional available)
● Cathode poisoning prevention by programmable slot machine effect
● Blue-Spot free technology
● AUX output: External equipment can be connected or a relay can be driven to switch on your stereo, coffee machine, Jukebox or other equipment at alarm. Maximum load: 100 mA
  ● Dimensions: Width: 284 mm, height: 27 mm (case), total height: 91 mm, depth: 80 mm
● Programmable smooth cross fading effect: digits fade from one number to the next, fading duration is programmable
● Programmable flip over effect: very cool effect, digits count fast from one digit to the next (like slot machine)
● Programmable tube and colon brightness for the day- AND the night mode
Royal blue LED floor lighting with 2 LEDs per Nixie tube for best balanced glow and brightness
Programmable LED floor lighting variants
Programmable LED floor lighting brightness
for the day- AND the night mode
LED floor lighting can be programmed to: always off, always on, fading (breathing)
● Smooth Display fade in after start up
User selectable 12/24 hour mode
● Automatic date display with programmable format, duration and interval
● Programmable date display formats: DD.MM.YY, MM.DD.YY, YY.MM.DD or YY.DD.MM
● Date display can also be switched off
● Date only mode (if you have 2 clocks, you can set one to time and the other to date)
● Leading zero suppression: The leading zero on the hours display can be blanked or shown (only when time is shown of course, date is always shown completely)
● Alarm clock
● Night power down mode: tubes, separators, LEDs and internal supply can be totally switched off for a user programmed period in order to save energy and increase life expectancy of the tubes (Clock runs further meanwhile, of course)
● Safe, low-voltage, high efficiency design: 12VDC input voltage (Range 10-14 V) - very low power consumption of 625 mA (7.5 Watts) (valid for tubes and LEDs 100% brightness level – much lower if dimmed down or off)
● Super high efficient noiseless DC-DC converters for both, tubes AND LEDs, for lowest heat, lowest power consumption.
● Noiseless
● Standard power adapter for worldwide use available
  ● Time and date is battery backed (not only capacitor buffered!) to keep time for months without external power; battery will last for more than 10 years and is very easy to replace. Benefits: Time is kept nearly forever if clock is disconnected from power line, not only some hours or minutes
● All user preferences are stored in non-volatile memory -> survives power blackouts
● Tubes are not soldered but mounted in sockets, that means they are easy to replace
  ● Case completely made of massive stainless steel (also the case screws!)
● Case surface with “Nixie glow reflection finish”
● no SMD parts to assemble (all SMD parts are pre-assembled)
● Ultra accurate clock chip, crystal controlled, with optional accuracy software fine-tuning, called "RTC drift compensation" (if you don't use GPS or DCF, you can adjust the clock to maximum accuracy by yourself, close to an atomic clock, that is why we cannot tell an accuracy for that clock)
● Clock can run with internal "RTC" clock, with GPS signal or with DCF77 signal
● Tubes are driven by direct drive method (not multiplexed): Benefits are: solid, flicker-free operation, increased tubes lifetime, no audible noise, highest brightness, high definition readout, blue spot free
● Push-pull transformer technology for the high voltage supply for highest efficiency, low losses, low heat, no noise and highest reliability
  ● Pre-programmed micro-controller
● Super high quality professional, double-sided printed circuit board on FR-4 glass epoxy laminate, silk-screened, solder masked in black surface technology
● Service mode: You can test your tubes, separators, clock and circuitry by yourself!
● "Easy Menu System" developed by Nocrotec. Not parameter controlled user menu (like all other Nixie clocks), but "interactive" intelligent user menu controlled by simple 3-button operation
● User manual in German, English, Chinese 中文 and Japanese (later)


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5 out of 5 stars!

I looked at the information on the web site and was not sure that the pictures were actual. It looked too good. Now that I have seen the finished ...
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4 out of 5 stars!

Please to announce it as soon as possibleyour home pagethat User manual for Japanese.
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